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LEAD MATE C3 – 295ml grey

• Temperature resistant to 150C
• Tack free – 1hour
• Waterproof
• Lead compatible
• Exterior use only

A flexible mortar that gives good adhesion to lead and most roofing substrates. Specifically formulated to point lead into brickwork. Can also be used to seal most common roofing materials.

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Product Description

LEAD MATE C3 – 2950ml Grey

If you’d prefer not to use mortar for fixing sheeting, flashing and roofing panels into place outdoors, then opt for this flexible and weatherproof sealant. You can use it to bond soft metals like lead, brass, and copper to stone, brick and concrete. It’s also suitable for filling expansion joints and pointing lead into brickwork. Unlike most sealants, it won’t corrode metal or stain cement.

Although this product is super sticky, it’ll pick up very little dirt from the atmosphere, so it will stay looking smart. It’s fast setting too and will be dry to the touch in an hour. You can use it to seal around areas that could reach up to +150°C, so south facing exposures aren’t a problem. It won’t interfere with either water or oil based painted surfaces, crack or shrink over time.

  • Flexible mortar with good adhesion to lead and most roofing substrates
  • Can also be used to seal most common roofing materials
  • Excellent flexibility +/- 25%
  • Low (<5%) shrinkage during vulcanisation
  • Suitable for temperatures from -50°C to + 150°C
  • Tack free in 1 hour
  • Waterproof – watertight flexible joint
  • Quicker, cleaner and easier than cement mortar
  • Lead compatible
  • Exterior use only

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