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We stock the most popular of outdoor hardware items, including:

Cabin hooks are a convenient way to keep internal or external doors open or closed. They come in two parts; a hook that affixes to the wall and an eye attached to the door.

The popular garden gate ring latch can either be operated from one side of the gate only or as a ring handle on either side of the gate connected by a spindle to open the gate from both sides.

The metal sliding padbolt is recommended for any medium to heavy-duty applications, including garden gate security.

Automatic gate latches are perfect for garden gates. Easy to open and shut and can be padlocked.

Hasps & staples incorporate the benefits of a strong steel construction with hidden fixings and a corrosion-resistant coating. Suitable for use with all brands of padlock and generally fitted to sheds and greenhouses for security purposes.

The Suffolk latch handle sits on the closed side of the door. The thumb latch is combined/attached on all Suffolk and Norfolk latches

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