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We offer a range of instore stocked screws for all your professional and DIY projects.

Ultimate Wood Screws
A high-performance screw that is multi-purpose and ideal for tradesmen and DIY'ers. Can be used for fixing hard wood, soft wood, man-made timber boards and sheet metal. Tempered and waxed high quality zinc plated steel, self-countersinking, self centering with reinforced double angle head and lotted shank for reduced wood splitting. Every box includes a free ACR Pozisquare driver bit, although all screws can be driven with standard Phillips driver.

Impact Wood Screws
Ideal for use with Impact Drivers. Milling shank helps clear hole in fixture. Part threaded from 40mm to eliminate jacking of fixture • Double type 17 point for immediate start in all timbers. Driver bit included

Twinthread Recess Wood Screw
Recessed pozi countersunk twin thread screw. Hardened steel and BZP coated. Drill a pilot hole before use.

Spax Woodscrews are a single thread wood screw with ground serrations for fast and accurate driving. Made in Germany and engineered to the best standards, they feature a countersunk multi-head and a 4 point tip that takes immediate hold which means that no pre-drilling is required, even in hardwood. Suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

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