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Locknut / lock nut / locking nut / self-locking nut / prevailing torque nut / stiff nut / elastic stop nut.

A locking nut is a type of nut that resists loosening under vibrations and torque when properly threaded onto a bolt. Extremely common in industry and home applications they are used in situations where vibration or rotation would cause a normal nut to loosen. They are different on each side, making them very difficult to get off.
Wing nuts are one piece nuts with two wings that protrude from an integral round base with a flat bearing surface. They are used in low-torque applications that require quick or frequent adjustment or disassembly and are intended to be tightened and released by hand. Furniture commonly utilises wing nuts as they can be dismantled quickly & easily if required.
Hex nuts are a six-sided nut that fastens screws and bolts efficiently and securely. They are the most common hexagonal fastener that has internal threads that screw on to the shank of a bolt or a hex cap screw. The hexagonal shaped nut is versatile and easy to work with, being ideal for tight spots.
Strong screwed rods are ideal for heavier applications where a longer length is needed. Available in a variety of lengths and sizes. Washers, nuts and extension nuts – threaded fastener for joining 2 male threads – available separately.

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