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Roofing Materials

 roofing materials


Getting your roof done can be expensive. If it's anything major you may need the assistance of a professional roofer, but for those jobs that you can do yourself we have all of the products that you need. Everything from waterproofing and roof felt to PolyPipe rainwater systems and Velux windows and blinds.

When it comes to roofing, durability is crucial. You don't want your roofing to collapse or to start leaking, so we always offer the highest quality roofing materials and always at competitive prices. Take a look at some of what we offer below or come down to our stockyard to take a look at our products.



  • Decorative roof trims which sit under the roof edge
  • Different sizes of fascias available
  • Sizes from 8mm to 25mm thickness available.
  • Reduces the risk of moisture damage
  • For further information on fascias please click here.


  • Protects the underside of your roof
  • Different sizes of soffits available
  • Sizes from 100mm to 600mm widths
  • Reduces the risk of moisture damage
  • For further information on soffits please click here.
 roof felt

"Chesterfelt" Roof Felt

  • 20m x 1m - "3B" Bonding Layer
  • 16m x 1m - "Debotec Debovent" Perforated Venting Layer
  • 16m x 1m x 2mm - "Debotec Topguard" Torch-on Underlay
  • 12m x 1m x 3mm - "Debotec" Polyester Torch-on Underlay
  • 8m x 1m x 4mm - "Debotec Topguard" Torch-on Capping Sheet (Green / Charcoal / Brindle)
  • 10m x 1m - "Chestershed" Shed Felt
  • 50m x 1m - "Tempo" Breathable Membrane (BBA - UK Manufactured)


  • 1.2m x 70mm hardboard strips - cut to order.
 bitumen blocks

Bitumen Blocks

  • Easy-Melt 12Kg Blocks
 roof paint

Waterproofing / Sealant / Adhesive

  • Everbuild BlackJack "All Weather Roof Coating"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Bitumen Roof Felt Adhesive"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Solar Reflective Paint"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Bitumen and Flashing Primer"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "Black Bitumen Paint"
  • Everbuild BlackJack "D.P.M"
  • Everbuild "EverCryl" One Coat - Instant Waterproofing for roofs, gutters & gulleys
 guttering and downpipe

PolyPipe 112mm Half Round Rainwater System (PVCu) - Black

  • 112mm Round Black Gutter
  • 68mm Round Black Downpipe
  • 2m Half Round Gutter
  • 2.5m Downpipe
  • 4m Half Round Gutter
  • 4m Downpipe
  • Union
  • Downpipe Coupling
  • Angle 90 Degree
  • Downpipe Bracket
  • Angle 135 Degree
  • Downpipe Bend 92 degree
  • Running Outlet
  • Downpipe 112 degree Offset Bend
  • Short Stop End Outlet
  • Downpipe Shoe
  • External Stop End
  • Downpipe 129 Branch
  • Fascia Bracket
  • Hopper Head 280mm x 160mm
  • Rain Sava Kit

Make sure your roof is strong and secure with
our carcassing timbers.

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